Spring Products

Riverfront Berry Farm grows a variety of spring products, including potted flowers and fruit trees, asparagus, rhubarb, and various other spring fruits and vegetables. The produce we sell is grown locally on our farm in Martinton and has the high quality you would expect from a locally owned farm that's been around for over a century. Our flowers, which were all chosen because of their adaptability to the Midwestern climate, make a beautiful addition to any garden, and our potted fruit trees such as apple, peach, and cherry trees add beauty and practicality to the home of anyone who wants protection from the elements as well as their own fresh fruit. Our potted flowers and trees also make great gifts for the blossoming gardener in your life. Whether you are shopping for produce or plants for yourself or a friend, Riverfront Berry Farm has the quality products you are looking for.

Honey and Popcorn

At Riverfront Berry Farm, we sell fresh and locally produced honey and popcorn. Both popcorn and honey can be purchased fresh daily at our on-farm market, as well as at the farmers' markets we attend. We grow and sell only white popcorn which has small, tender kernels. For fresh popcorn and locally produced honey, visit Riverfront Berry Farm.


At Riverfront Berry Farm, we grow varieties of spinach that are more tolerant to heat than most, resulting in the season going from late April through October. The majority of our spinach is harvested in the spring and early fall. The warmth of summer slows production causing us to recommend placing an order or arriving early to the farmers' market during the peak heat of summer. If you love spinach, you will love the spinach you'll find at Riverfront Berry Farm.

Beets and Swiss Chard

Beets and Swiss chard are both initially available from mid May until the very end of the growing season. Both beets and Swiss chard tolerate frosts and survive quite well until the temperatures drop beneath 25 degrees. Beets have bitter and somewhat salty greens which contrast with the sweet root of the beet. Both vegetables can be used in many recipes and are very healthy, and Swiss chard is one of the highest rated vegetables for its nutritional content.

Peas and Radishes

Riverfront Berry Farm grows both snow peas and snap peas. Peas are early growers and available from the middle of May through June. After a short break from the summer weather, as snow peas and snap peas do not toerate heat well, our snow peas and snap peas are available again in September through October. These unique vegetables make for easy healthy eating, and our locally grown snow peas and snap peas are a must for our customers who love fresh, healthy vegeatables. Our snow peas and snap peas are crisp and delicious eaten uncooked.


Asparagus is an extremely labor-intensive crop and at Riverfront Berry Farm, we take pride in our asparagus crop and continuously increase our asparagus acreage to meet our customers' demands for the flavorful crop. We grow the delicious Jersey Giant and now NJ 1025 varieties of asparagus, which we harvest by hand, not with a machine. Our asparagus is harvested daily over a six week period, between very early May and mid-June. Our customers know the asparagus purchased from us is of the highest quality.

Potted Flowers

At Riverfront Berry Farm, we have several varieties of potted flowers and bedding plants. Our potted flowers and bedding plants include potted carnation plants, potted lilly plants, and potted hosta plants. We chose these varieties because they hold up well in the midwestern climate and are a great addition to any garden, no matter how much gardening experience the gardener has.

Potted Trees

At Riverfront Berry Farm, you can purchase potted cherry trees, potted peach trees, and potted apple trees. If you have a green thumb, can't get enough fresh produce, or want an apple, peach, or cherry tree to spruce up your backyard, you should come see Riverfront Berry Farm's selection of potted orchard trees. While it can take 3 to 4 years for a fruit tree to mature enough to bear fruit, most people find the wait is worth it.