Fall Products

Fall is never complete without a trip to a local orchard, and Riverfront Berry Farm has a variety of fall produce to bring in the season. Riverfront Berry Farm's fall products include tomatoes, sweet corn, apples, and pumpkins. We have three varieties of pumpkins, one which is great for carving, one which is perfect for decorating use around your home or holiday table, and a pie pumpkin variety for cooking. Our tomato varieties are especially hardy and grow until late in the season, allowing our customers to get great fresh tomatoes until late in the fall. We also have sweet corn, a summer and fall and holiday staple, along with our crisp and sweet apple varieties which are good for cooking or eating alone. No matter what type of fruit, vegetable, or produce you are looking for, Riverfront Berry Farm has the autumn goods to make your fall come alive.


At Riverfront Berry Farm, we grow varieties of spinach that are more tolerant to heat than most, resulting in the season going from late April through October. However, production diminishes somewhat during the warmer months, so though it is available in summer, the majority of our spinach is harvested in the spring and early fall. If you love spinach, you will love the spinach you'll find at Riverfront Berry Farm.

Kohlrabi and Cabbage

You may be wondering what kohlrabi is, as it is an uncommon vegetable in many gardens in our local area. Kohlrabi comes from the same family as cabbage, though it is smaller in size. Both the thick part of the vegetable and the leafy greens are edible, as with a cabbage head. While kohlrabi is one of the most interesting-looking vegetables, its leaves can be used in place of kale or collards, and the vegetable is sweeter than most types of cabbage.

Winter Squash

Sweet varieties of squash, when baked, are an autumn comfort food. Riverfront Berry Farm grows several types of winter squash including butternut squash, acorn squash, buttercup squash, and spaghetti squash. These squash types are harvested in September and October until winter, making butternut squash, buttercup squash, acorn squash, and spaghetti squash good winter vegetables. While all these types of squash are delicious baked with a little brown sugar, they can also be used to make thick, comforting fall soups like butternut squash soup.


Broccoli prefers cool weather and loses some of its vigor for growth during the heat of the summer. At Riverfront Berry Farm we manage our planting schedule to insure adequate availability even during the height of the summer heat. Broccoli rebounds with energy during the cooler months of September and October and often beyond. Broccoli is good with melted cheese as well as plain old Ranch dressing as an appetizer or a side dish. Broccoli also complements many other vegetables, such as potatoes and zucchini.

Peas and Radishes

Riverfront Berry Farm grows both snow peas and snap peas. Peas are early growers and available from the middle of May through June. After a short break from the summer weather, as snow peas and snap peas do not toerate heat well, our snow peas and snap peas are available again in September through October. These unique vegetables make for easy healthy eating, and our locally grown snow peas and snap peas are a must for our customers who love fresh, healthy vegeatables.


Our pumpkin varieties include the traditional golden colored Halloween pumpkins, as well as the beautiful Rosa de Castilla variety of pumpkin squash. The Rosa de Castilla pumpkin variety we produce and market is multicolored, decorative, and very attractive for fall decorating as well as eating. For pumpkins of many sizes and beautiful color, Riverfront Berry Farm has all you need.


Tomatoes are another specialty at Riverfront Berry Farm. We grow several varieties of tomatoes, allowing for ripe fruits from late June through the first hard frost (below 28 degrees). Our main variety is Mountain Spring, which produces 10-12 oz fruits which travel well and are almost always blemish free. This is extremely important to us since our produce must travel to farmers' markets as well as hold up at our on-farm market without bruising or cracking.

Sweet Corn

How would you like to taste the future? At Riverfront Berry Farm we grow two varieties of sweet corn. Our sweet corn varieties include one which tolerates the cooler soils of early spring, allowing for corn early in the season, and the main season variety which is a super sweet variety resulting in superior taste.


They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, which is why at Riverfront Berry Farm we are dedicated to growing the best apples. We grow several varieties of apples--sweet and tart--that taste delicious when used in cooking or when eaten plain. All our apples are picked only when ready, which is why they have the best flavor of any apples you'll eat all season.